May 272010

I have finally been completed and passed the course. After four assignments, which exacerbated the difficulty level, I feel quite happy. It has been very interesting and useful to learn  image processing with practical elements with Photoshop with a good mix of the image messages and how to achieve this.

Here you can see my assignments/subjects:

1st subjectAdjusted image

2nd Before Subject Before After Subject After

3rd Subject

Final subjectLonely boy in middle of grown ups


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  • Congrats…jag gick den våren 2009 och den var verkligen bra! Slet ett tag med den där rutschkanan minns jag 🙂

    • prphoto

      Tackar, jo den var mycket bra. Har lärt mig en hel del som jag har stor nytta av. Tack för att du hittade hit 🙂

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