Oct 092010

This weekend we traveled up to Sundsvall and Sörberge for Dog Show and also visit my wife’s father. I always try to combine traveling with photography and see if I can capture some good images. Today I had not the time to go away and seek for the perfect images, but I think that I got someones, what do you think?

Jun 212010

Yesterday we stopped by an old castle ruin when we headed back home. It was a nice stop not only for us, but also for our dogs – a perfect place to resting them. It was interesting to see this, have not been there before.

Apr 052010

We was so tired of snow, and we had a “invitation” from my mom to go with her abroad. We took it and it was so relaxing that I completely forgot the snow exist at all.

Here is some of the photos that I took, enjoy.

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