Sep 142009

Finally I have come to an end of my researching and testing of a reasonably working structure of content management system and smooth integration to LightRoom Web module  (where I work with my photos and publish them to the web).

Today I’m proud to announce my new home page where I store my photography work.

The system is almost using the same template regarding color, fonts etc. I could not find a good working content manage system that could be easy tweaked to match what I wanted as good look and feel for my photographs. So I made a choice to start with this, Word Press CM software as a front end and TTG Web templates for my photography presentation. Who knows I might get the iNove to look as the TTG’s templates.

I’ve for the last weeks filled the system with the most important posts and also completely new web templates for my photographs.

Anyway, please have a look at my newly design and also my newly released Portfolio, with updated photo’s. You can find it all in the menu above.

Kind Regards,
Peter Remnemark Photography


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