Dec 162009

It was a long time ago I wrote a line or two, I’ve been busy with my daytime work (with IFS) and still are. I’ve finished my performance testing project and jumped into next sub projects with some extra sales work in top of that. We have also traveled like crazy with our dogs the last months. But in the end of the day it is what we like so we have survived.

As you can read, this is the reason why I have been quiet. I also have a lot of photos that I need to both walk thru and also publish them to this site and also picasa. In my back pocket I have photos from Växjö, Lillerström (Norway) and of course Helsinki Dog Shows.

The latest trip we had we took a day extra to get a relaxing stay and not only work/dog handling at the Show. Helsinki is very architectural with lot of buildings that is style full and also old buildings. unfortunately we did not have so much time before the darkness approached us, it gets dark before 4.00 p.m. this time of the year in Scandinavia. But we had a hour or two and I managed to take some pictures.

Keep up, I will in short time upload the results from our latest Dog Shows, including final photographs from the final ring.

Few hours in day light we walked around the hotel in Helsinki West and surrounding area. Very much architected building and style full.


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