May 182010

Yesterday I got my 3rd assignment approved. The theme was black and white, and I choose one photographs that I took from our vacation trip to Cyprus. The photo was taken from a boot trip and towards Framagusta coast line and from the front of the boot when it got as close it could to the “border line” i.e. where the no man land zoon began.

This is my edited version.

My message in the picture is to convey a hidden dark mood in this ghost town that has been empty since 1974 when part of Cyprus occupied by Turkey. Torn and left in a panic, you can clearly see that the crane remains, the empty window openings and buildings that have not yet finished, or has lapsed.
I would also like to clarify – STOP, do not cross the border, where the public can not get closer. In my message is a hidden misery, why let something so beautiful (as it was in those days) and decay in contemporary still allow the city to stand behind.


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