Mar 042011

Monday 28th of February 2011, Fritiof was put to sleep.

We have so much good memories among with some bad. Fritiof developed after some years breathing problems. He got surgery and became better, but not as good as we hoped, but he managed to survive.
When Philip was two-three years old, he participated with Fritiof in “Barn med Hund” (Kids Handling), but we all thought that it was more Fritiof that walked with Philip. I showed him a couple of times, but since he was “clowned faced” (one white eye) not typical Japanese Chin, I could not expect first places. Despite the Clown Face (he was a perfect Japanese Chin type); he won over his brother (once), and got a first place in open class and 2nd in competition for the judge Monique van Brempt at Visby International Dog Show.

Fritiof enjoyed to be in the garden, walking around by him self. When we wanted him to get in, we shouted at him, but he looked at us and ”said” ”Yea Yea, I shall only pee at this spot first” and then he came in.

Fritiof was never more than few steps away from me when I was home; he was just round my feets. We will never forget that he took care and to nurture / breed our puppies as an extra helping hand and of course he had an extra eye to Philip.

He gave us so much love, and now he will rest and be with ”Grand-Pa” which both very much loved each other.


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