About me



I live in Storvreta, north of Uppsala in Sweden with my family and our lovely Japanse Chin dogs. Beside my hobby as a Photographer, I work in Stockholm with IFS as a Technical Architect. We travel a lot with our dogs and attending Dog Shows, I normally photograph the Dog Shows and also try to find some time to capture the surrounding areas such as landscape and the City.

How did I end up with photography?

In early years of my childhood, I got an Instamatic camera, taking pictures of all and everything. Mom was not so happy to pay for to develop the film, but she encourages me silently so I continued. In High School I had an extra subject one semester about photography; this was the beginning of my interest of Photography! To take images with different subjects and assignments and develop those photos to see the result was very exciting. Lately I got my grandpas old Konica compact camera, the one that two yellow spots gives focus indication while you focused at the subject. This was a really exciting time.

After awhile I upgrade my camera to a used analogue Minolta SLR camera, Minolta 5000i, the one with autofocus system. I developed my skills and in the Military services we had a photo lab where a friend and I was the only one that used it, i.e. available all the time. Here I could develop and experiment by myself. Unfortunately when the Military service was over, I had no lab any more and I also had no income…

My hobby died for a while and not after my temporary move to NC, USA, when I bought a compact APS camera I found the inspiration and was excited again. Taking a lot of photograph I started to climb my photographic journey. At this time, year 2001, the prices were too high for a quality digital camera so I kept to analog photographing.

Year 2002/2003 I bought my first digital camera, still compact though, but a digital. Taking a lot of photograph on dog show I upgraded me to Digital SLR camera, a Sony α100. With this camera I had the opportunity move forward within photography. Today I’m still with the Minolta/Sony system and using a Sony α700 as primary (still have the Sony α100 as backup) camera and several different lenses.

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