May 202012

Finally I’ve manage to post to the blog again. Last autumn I had the pleasure to photograph Ida & Marcus wedding, and here is some of the result. We had a wonderful time and also good weather which make it all simple with weddings. You can see more from this day here



Aug 132011

Last weekend Katarina and I worked at dog show in Vallentuna, Sweden. When we work, we obversely can’t show any dogs. But Philip was interested to attend and the dog show had a Child competition “Barn med Hund” so we let him to attend and show one of our Chins, Hilda. He performed very well and he was very proud (and we also of course) afterwords


You can see more from this day here

Jun 262011

The week before Midsummer week, I traveled to Austin for a Briefing at IBM Executive Center in Austin. I had the opportunity to walk in the center of Austin. The downtown and center was not as I was used to from other US citys, there was bars, restaurants and shopping in the middle of the town, and there was paths to walk on 🙂 Anyway I could not resist this and have to walk around and try to take some photographs, even though it was 104F (40 C) in the shadows! Anyway I manage to walk couple of hours but the heat made me not to take many photographs.

This little fellow were siting and had a nut to eat, he was not afraid at all, and I’ll guess they are used to people

If you want to see the rest of the photographs, take a look at here, thanks for the visit!


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