May 172011

From my last post you saw my “Fotosöndag” challenge contribution where I used Torsten as an model for the theme “Up side Down”.

Manny people in the Fotosondag group at Flickr faved and commented my photo so much that it was “Explorer” and on page 2 (as best number 17th). So what is Explorer? Well how Flickr calculate and measure  the popularity of a photo is a well kept secret but there is a kombination of favorites, views and comments.The most crazy thing about this time was all the comments and faves, it never stopped and more people (that I’ve never seen before) viewed and faved/commented, still as of today there is people commenting and fave the photo.

For those of you that are interested, can read more here. I’ve one other photo that became Explorer, but not as high as Torsten.

Can I say that I was walking at the clouds and riding the Wave 🙂 Anyway as of now it has passed 1000 views and I’m so thrilled about that.


May 152011

I’ve not been so active with my photography and especial in Fotosöndag. Several reasons for not able to attend and participate but today I could both realize my idea and had the time for it. The theme for this week was Up Side Down (Upp & Ned), and my first visualization was some of our dogs laying up side down (or at their backs to be precise). It is not so easy to get theme in that position if they not at sleep. But my model for today was Torsten and he is so nice and gentle and did not protest at all (not so much anyway). He got rewarded afterwards 🙂

Here is some more photographs from Fotosöndag challenge, find them here at Flickr.
Thanks for the visit


May 012011

The second weekend in April, I traveled back to Jönköping for a 25-years re-union with my classmates from the elementary school. The evening (and night) was a blast and we all had very fun. I’m looking forward to the next re-union.

The day after I had some time to kill, my bus back did not leave until 3 p.m and I planned for a photo walk. 7 a.m, I went up and walked thru the city and capture some part of the inner city and for me, new buildings. I had time to walk in the outer part of the city as well. I must say, Jönköping have really changed the city in a positive way. One part that was really nice, the coffee bars and restaurants along the water in Munksjön. I think it was a good decision to make the bridge over Munksjön to make some space for the buildings at northern part of Munksjön.

If you want to see the rest of the photographs, take a look at here, thanks for the visit!



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