Jun 262011

The week before Midsummer week, I traveled to Austin for a Briefing at IBM Executive Center in Austin. I had the opportunity to walk in the center of Austin. The downtown and center was not as I was used to from other US citys, there was bars, restaurants and shopping in the middle of the town, and there was paths to walk on 🙂 Anyway I could not resist this and have to walk around and try to take some photographs, even though it was 104F (40 C) in the shadows! Anyway I manage to walk couple of hours but the heat made me not to take many photographs.

This little fellow were siting and had a nut to eat, he was not afraid at all, and I’ll guess they are used to people

If you want to see the rest of the photographs, take a look at here, thanks for the visit!


Jun 032011

I’m just transfered my prphoto.se domain to new hosting company. I’m moving to Binero and there might be some disturbance in the connectivity while the DNS will be refreshed over the web.

Same apply for the mail.

Hope everything will go well 🙂 Stay tuned!

May 152011

I’ve not been so active with my photography and especial in Fotosöndag. Several reasons for not able to attend and participate but today I could both realize my idea and had the time for it. The theme for this week was Up Side Down (Upp & Ned), and my first visualization was some of our dogs laying up side down (or at their backs to be precise). It is not so easy to get theme in that position if they not at sleep. But my model for today was Torsten and he is so nice and gentle and did not protest at all (not so much anyway). He got rewarded afterwards 🙂

Here is some more photographs from Fotosöndag challenge, find them here at Flickr.
Thanks for the visit


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