Jul 032010

We visited My and her newly opened Dog Grooming facility “Ramkvilla HundCenter” to see how she was doing (and just relax with good company). At our stop, we had the opportunity to get Fritiof Groomed (for real this time, and not by our self 🙂 ). I could not resist to document this and also show you all a young talent Dog Groomer. Enjoy!

May 132010

Boy stretches out for helpCrying boy try to reach youLonely boy in middle of grown ups

I did use some of the earlier photos that I decided to use before, but added another one and shifted the message. I thought that the photos was good but the old messages was not a perfect fit so I looked and thought that ‘No one listen’ was a better message.

We adults have a tendency to not “listen” to our children and to put ourselves in their situation.We listen to a certain extent and say, yeah, yeah, it is not so bad, or you’re so clever … With these pictures I want to highlight how the child feels when adults do not listen fully, ie that it is like a mirror; we looks at the image as how the child feels.


May 092010

Have founded some “sad” photographs that might fit into the final exam subject for my Digital Image course. Will go for same aspect ratio and make same type of adjustments with color, lightness with others. The theme will be sad, and the statement; Young children are vulnerable and fragile.

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