Jan 232011

For this week’s theme, pensive (vemod), I wanted to visualize the feeling of how pensively it can be to choose and how hard it can be of knowing what path to take in advance . It can be for a job, your career or as simple as today’s dinner menu.

Here is some more photographs from Fotosöndag challenge, find them here at Flickr.
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Oct 242010

Yesterday when I drive early in the morning to the city, I saw what was the perfect spot for taking this weeks challenge image. I do like the foggy, mysteries landscape -just like it was this morning 🙂

I shot a a couple of more photographs and here are the “left overs” so to speak. Thanks for the visit

in Color

And last one with some horses having their breakfast


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May 232010

This weekend I had some help with friend so we could raise the pool wall and insert the liner. Perhaps the warmest day, we crawled around at the plastic bottom (very hot) and straiten the bottom so it was plain without any wrinkles.

This photo was taken both as documentation of making our pool and for #fotosondag with theme #blue @ Flickr group.

Still the pool is being filled with water…

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