Feb 062011

The end of this week, we traveled with our company to Strömstad for a Kick Off. I took the opportunity early one of the mornings to take some photographs. I walked along the empty harbor and saw this lifebuoy hanging and immediately came up the idea to use it in this week fotosondag challenge.

Here is some more photographs from Fotosöndag challenge, find them here at Flickr.

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Dec 022010

This Week I’ve been in Gothenburg and hade a wonderful conference and got a lot of information and impressions. As usually I try to go out early in the morning to photograph the surroundings at the places I visit or stay at. We ware at the beautiful Stenungsbaden at Stenungsunds, just outside Gothenburg. Here is one photograph that shows how cold it was this morning.

Oct 092010

This weekend we traveled up to Sundsvall and Sörberge for Dog Show and also visit my wife’s father. I always try to combine traveling with photography and see if I can capture some good images. Today I had not the time to go away and seek for the perfect images, but I think that I got someones, what do you think?

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