Mar 082011


The first day we arrived to Hurghada, the people started the revolt in Cairo. We did not notice any violence at all, in matter of fact, if we had not seen the BBC on the TVwe should not know the crises at all until after several days of our stay. Of course our family and friends text and called us to be sure that we was ok, but except for those communication channel we did not got any indications of the crises.

Anyway, we really loved the Egypt and the Egypt people. So nice, good food, warm and clean. Our hotel, Makadi Palace, was really nice. I would really recommend this to anyone who seeking to stay at this area. We will get back, as soon the situation has been settled and the government are up’n running. We had a reservation for September, but since the election was planend to this time, we wanted to wait.

For those of you who is interested, see below gallery for some more photographs from the area, thanks for the visit.


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