Dec 052010

For this week challenge I decided direct what to use as subject when they announced the theme, and this i not normal for me to decid direct. Lego can’t be more correct for the theme Classic (tidlös). It has been there for a so long time, I had it when I was a kid, and of course my son has this as well.

How I should compose the image was not so clear direct, but I got the idea when I helped my son to organize all his Lego in plastic boxes. Anyway here are my two contributions.

I shot a a couple of more photographs and find them here at Flickr.
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Dec 022010

This Week I’ve been in Gothenburg and hade a wonderful conference and got a lot of information and impressions. As usually I try to go out early in the morning to photograph the surroundings at the places I visit or stay at. We ware at the beautiful Stenungsbaden at Stenungsunds, just outside Gothenburg. Here is one photograph that shows how cold it was this morning.

Nov 282010

Today I really took my time to be creative and contribute to this week challenge. Its about Sharing and caring, and slightly into Creative Commons theme to share your photographs. Anyway, I had to short of time and was not focused due to some other reasons, and I’m not so pleased with the results, but I choose to publish anyway. I had a crazy idea, includes our out side pool, but I did not want to take the risk with a cold so I passed this idea 🙂

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