Jun 032011

I’m just transfered my prphoto.se domain to new hosting company. I’m moving to Binero and there might be some disturbance in the connectivity while the DNS will be refreshed over the web.

Same apply for the mail.

Hope everything will go well 🙂 Stay tuned!

Jan 162011

Finally I’ve made the first step in create a better platform for my Photographic art. My foundation for the platform is Lightroom. From this software I can organize, develop and also publish my work. Simple and neat and gives a fast workflow so you can spend time to photograph instead.

Portfolio - Peter Remnemark PhotographyMy Portfolio are based upon Timothy Armes (Photographers Toolbox) Impact WSPP. His Lightroom plugin gives me such a flexibility and still powerful to be able to adapt to my preferences. The best part is that he using the LR publishing services and I can update galleries and photos without exporting the whole gallery again.

For a period I’ve run a blog where I publish new photographs and also as a communication platform. I will continue to update the blog, perhaps more frequent than before, and therefore I decided to move the content to a new address http://peterremnemark.se/ and also use a better name for this communication channel.

peterremnemark.se Blog PhotographyNext up in my platform change, is Flickr and organizes the sets and collections, based upon the Lightroom catalog and views.

Please welcome to check the new portfolio and feel free to add the RSS feed to the blog 🙂

Feb 072010

There was much snow, 60 cm, and I had to walk all the way to the fence.

Billingehus is placed at the highest hill in Skövde. Early morning at February I was there with my company. When other was sleeping I took the opportunity to document this view. It was quite foggy this morning, and it gives a illation that a large lake is in between the horizon and the city.

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